The Incredible Sock (TM)  Men's Bamboo Ankle 3-Pack
Arabella Suzette

The Incredible Sock (TM) Men's Bamboo Ankle 3-Pack

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Men's Ankle Socks


These men's ankle socks will change your laundry game! Made of a super soft and durable bamboo mesh blend, these comfy socks will stay paired together in the washer, dryer and your sock drawer!


  • Soft bamboo mesh blend 
  • Crew cut 
  • Multipack of 3 colorful sock pairs 
  • Each sock has a small embroidered hole 
  • Comes with 5 rust-proof loop fasteners 
  • Machine washable 
  • Dry normal cycle 
  • Patent pending 
  • Imported 

How To Use

⭐️ (1) OPEN the loop fastener,

⭐️ (2) THREAD it through each sock’s embroidered hole,

⭐️ (3) CLASP the loop, and

⭐️ (4) POP in your washer and dryer!

Care Details

Wash Incredible Socks on a normal cycle and tumble dry. (Washing in cold water will keep their color longer, but it's not necessary ;-))

So simple! No fancy instructions here! (Who has time for that?).

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Will the loop fastener on my Incredible Socks come unfastened?

No! The loop fastener is closed using a tight clasp that won't come unfastened in the wash. Your socks will stay paired together for easy locating after they're washed and dried and no sorting or folding the socks! (Fun fact: They're also easy to spot in your sock drawer when they're held together by the loop!).

(2) Will the loop fastener tear up my Incredible Socks?

No! We specifically designed Incredible Socks to be able to withstand the wash and dry cycle while threaded through the loop fastener. The holes in each Incredible Sock are reinforced with soft and durable embroidery thread which can withstand harsh wear and multiple washes!

(3) Will the loop fastener rust after multiple washes?

No! The loop fastener is rust-proof. Wash away!

(4) Will the loop fastener come undone and get into my other clothes?

No! Testing has proven that the loop fastener, which closes with a tightly secured clasp, will not come undone during the wash/dry cycle. 

(5) How will I save time with Incredible Socks?

You'll be amazed at how much time you save using Incredible Socks versus your normal sock! After washing and drying normal socks, finding each sock's mate and folding them can take a lot of time, especially with smaller children's socks!

(6) How will I save money with Incredible Socks?

Because Incredible Socks don't get lost in the washer or dryer, you'll never have to replace them! Plus, Incredible Socks are made from a durable bamboo mesh blend, making them last longer than typical socks.

(7) Will Incredible Socks get lost in the washer or dryer (like my old socks?)

No! This is a primary benefit of using Incredible Socks! By being fastened together with the loop fastener, the pair becomes bulky, making it virtually impossible for the socks to be sucked up into the washer or dryer!

(8) Can my kids use the loop fastener on the socks?

Yes! Children can get the benefits of Incredible Socks! They're quick learners and will soon be able to help you with laundry to Open, Thread, Clasp, Pop!

(9) Are Incredible Socks comfortable?

Yes! Our socks are made with a soft, bamboo mesh blend that is super comfortable and breathable! Plus, the embroidered thread on the reinforced holes is also super soft and can't be felt while wearing (unlike some other sock fastening devices!).

(10) It's challenging for me to remember where I keep the loop fasteners when it's time to use them. What do you suggest?

We don't want to add one more step to your laundry game! Incredible Socks are meant to save you time and money! We recommend keeping a small bag of loop fasteners next to your laundry bin, so they're ready when you are ready to throw your socks in the basket!